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Retro. Insult or compliment? Praise or blame? Good or evil? In my view, this issue arises, ask yourself these questions, not more. At least since
Mercedes Bunz
'journal " This year will be great. Nix retro. Let's go. " no more. It begins with these words: "This morning, decided that [the new year] is really good ... alone the music is in the first [weeks of the new year] just appeared or will appear, could carry one through the entire year. " she has written these lines, four years ago, on 26 February 2007. but you could just as well on February 26, 2011 come and describe the first two months of 2011. [Maybe these lines even any short retrospective look good at the beginning of a new year. There is a certain spirit of optimism, the view is even more carefree of the future faces and one wishes to that plenty of life prevails.] A few lines later, the paragraph that I have internalized me, who regularly entrkäftet my burgeoning fears arrest and referring back on the existing - or the past - can seem far less depressing. This is in fact indispensable. It must be linked to the existing cultural property - positive or negative - and edit it with new skills, skills, techniques, et cetera. But first the quote:

the like put forward observation that we live in an age in which everything would be just retro, in a time where nothing "special" is going on because all - they say - yet wait for the new millennium and while away the time trying to access the Archives: Not true. For this retro is none. The archive is used not only different than before, the music is so to the point, impresses with its precision and consistency that you reach out and feel comfortable in it. This is not a cheap imitation, it is not a simple repetition - all of which is far more than just retro. What we hear is how D. noticed yesterday across his second Becks away, but it is not a quote. And that's true. It's different. (
Mercedes Bunz:... This year, large Nix retro Let's go

is this perspective to hear about my personal opinion, the new 12 "on Live at Robert Johnson
/ Understanding the two tracks. " ET 01 "and"
ET 2006 ", have produced Christian Beisswenger aka CB radio
and Oliver Hafenbauer . The former is for example responsible for"
Subway To Cologne "on Story Records and together with Philip Lauer as Arto Mwambe
for many boards, remixes and a trip through the wonderful world of Acid analog synthslines, Piano Keys, muscular beats and power bass lines on their Live at Robert Johnson compilation. The second, Oliver Hafenbauer is the Golden Music Association Hall of electronic club music connected in Offenbach not the same as another. He takes care of booking issues, with questions about the house label, organized Manuel, along with Raven's own club nights, and, and, and. So both club and music experience in every way and now the road as BHFV .

your tracks, "ET 01 and ET 06", you can approach in two different ways. There is even the way the tread is a receiver with an equally library knowledge and a fully packed backpack in club experience. This is not difficult to make up a foundation that is a Mix of black radio and Düsseldorf electric power plant has been poured. Intoxicating, energetic. Anyone who may also bring the slogan Electric Boogaloo, which may do so. Second, it is the way that a reasonable but, in this respect However, tread benighted listener. For him, no matter how dirty the radio, as were the snotty electro then, as they have today to be rough. Also irrelevant whether the gut passage is from the 808 or not. For these listeners, both tracks are a musical, " where you can stretch out and feel at ease ." (Source: above) English (short) version: Chris Beiser aka CB radio of Arto Mwambe fame and Oliver harbor Bauer, Live at Robert Johnson label manager, booking manager Robert Johnson, DJ and music enthusiast, deliver two energetic tracks that combine funk rhythms and electronic music and unleash passion on the dancefloor. More on the Web: BHFV @ Facebook CB @ Facebook CB Radio @ MySpace
It's OK to Hate Your Job Live at Robert Johnson @ MySpace

Live at Robert Johnson @ Facebook

No. 39: Oliver Hafenbauer (Live at Robert Johnson) by ROOF.FM


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